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Location data is indicative of the user behavior on a particular street. This information is critical to businesses that want to predict risk, fraud, lead scoring, etc. With its real-time APIs, GeoIQ provides this information instantly.

By aggregating real-world data from more than 600 public and government sources and updating it regularly, GeoIQ ensures that the data is accurate and current. GeoIQ’s data science team has built bespoke algorithms to convert raw data into an instantly actionable form. From a list of 2000+ location parameters that include demographic, socio-economic, commercial, infrastructure, financial, healthcare, and many more attributes, businesses can identify what impacts their use case and how.

One of the first companies to develop a no-code machine learning product with its own feature store, GeoIQ’s engine identifies the ‘why’ behind the ‘where’, thus unlocking patterns in business data and their locations. Covering 100% of locations across India - urban and rural -, GeoIQ captures granular, state-of-the-art 100m x 100m insights around any address in the country.

To Know more visit - www.geoiq.io

CrimeCheck provides legal-risk insights on companies and individuals.

The platform combines AI powered search of 600+ legal data sources with a risk-assessment of a team of legal experts. This is provided in the form of a color-coded risk report that helps in financial credit-decisioning as well as employment background checks.

Our clients include HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, RBL Bank, IndusInd Bank, Probe42 and Zomato among others.

To Know more visit - www.crimecheck.ai

Business Development Partner

Archer is a leader in providing integrated risk management solutions that enable customers to improve strategic decision making and operational resiliency. As true pioneers in GRC software Archerremains solely dedicated to helping customers understand risk holistically by engaging stakeholders, leveraging a modern platform that spans key domains of risk and supports analysis driven by both business and IT impacts. The Archer customer base represents one of the largest pure risk management communities globally, with over 1,500 deployments including more than 90 of the Fortune 100.

To Know more visit - www.archerirm.com